Faktotum makes street theatre with a twist, playful performances with extraordinary ingenuity and a good amount of humor. The use of innovative technology in combination with the craftsmanship of a seasoned street artist guarantees unique and striking performances for an audience of all ages.

Faktotum is the company of multitalent Jakob Proyer. After creating poetic absurd scenes with Aardlek, the innovative theatre of Warner & Consorten, productions with Jakop Ahlbom and PipsLab he now composes intelligent and comical theatre for the head, the heart and the laughing muscles.  English info on the shows can be found below. Please do contact me for technical riders, presstexts or any other inquiries.

Faktotum plays the show NOMOFOBIA and continously develops the interactive musical installation VEGETABLE ORGAN. You can find brief descriptions of both acts below.



Swiping yourself silly? Time for a digital detox! Factotum tackles your infobesity with an electrifying exorcism. Your smartphone won’t be the same anymore. Guaranteed to galvanize you.

Nomophobia is a nutty streetact about smartphone addiction and ways to overcome it. New technologies bring new sicknesses: this show presents cutting edge research about the diseases of our digital society and their treatments. Using conductive touch exorcism, a vitamin piano, a good dosage of humor, self mockery and science Faktotum knows how to heal the audience. In the end, a banana tastes much better than a phone.

You can find a trailer of the show NOMOFOBIA with english subtitles in the video section or click here.





FAKTOTUM is currently working on an interactive music installation. Following up on the curiosity of the audience to test the vitamin piano after the Nomofobia shows, this year a proper expansion of this technical wizardry is in the making.
The vegetable organ has a range of a whole octave, including halftones, and can be played with a large variety of vegetables. Capacitive sensing technology, or simple touch, triggers the sounds of a variety of instruments and samples. Think pumpkinpiano, cucumbersynthesizer, percussionpotato and dubstepbroccoli! Various sensors to manipulate pitch, texture and modulation of the sounds are in the making, as well as an extensive vegetable percussion kit.

The vegetable organ is an easy to move installation with its own PA-system and power supply. The low threshold to play makes it an ideal festivalinstallation for curious audiences. Young and old alike can engage in this interactive musical adventure.